Since 1999 we continue to provide home owners, nationwide, with high-quality fine wicker and rattan furniture made from natural materials Rattan Chairthat people will enjoy for a lifetime. The same quality and beauty you would want to give to your parents as a thank you for being who they are.

This company began a long time ago, as a result of working closely with my brother-in-law who handcrafted hardwood Adirondack chairs. Together, we learned the details of what it took to build-in the quality that you would expect for a piece of furniture to last a life time. We made it the way it should be made. We also learned the various intricate ways to add beauty to the furniture we offered. We then discovered that people really did want that quality & beauty in their investment and they loved getting something better than they expected. My father taught me to always give more than what people expect if you want to have a million friends. For the past 40 years I have been making friends.

We believe it was our determined attention to detail, quality and beauty that allowed us to grow as a company, now with generations of repeat customers. We now specialize in a wide variety of beautiful rattan and wicker indoor furniture. Our wicker furniture is very comfortable and we specialize in rattan wicker furniture because of its natural beauty, strength and longevity. Quality wicker furniture will last a lifetime.

We believe we are better than all the other wicker furniture companies because of 3 things:

  • First – we Braxton Culler Everglade Rocker 905-102only provide the best in materials, craftsmanship and beauty from manufacturers who have the same beliefs we do.
  • Second – we provide extraordinary customer support.
  • Third – we offer the lowest designer prices due to our nationwide coverage and high volume of sales.

In addition to rattan furniture, we also provide handmade leather furniture to residential homes across the country. This is high quality, made to order American made leather furniture from our other website Leather Furniture USA. This leather furniture is made in North Carolina by the best in the country.

Many times you will hear me answering our telephone. It’s because I enjoy helping people find what they want. I would rather do that than anything else.

Call us so our knowledgeable staff or I may help you.

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