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Braxton Culler Furniture
For 45 years Braxton Culler has been known in the furniture industry as a premium quality maker of wicker rattan furniture. Braxton Culler is a family owned wicker and rattan furniture manufacturer located in High Point, NC. They have over 410,000 square feet available for furniture manufacturing. They have provided a large offering of high quality handcrafted furniture for the casual lifestyle. Their motto is Casual - Colorful - Comfortable. They offer their furniture selections with a large variety of fabrics and frame finish colors.

Wicker is a weaving process, not an actual material. In this weaving process, furniture is made from strips of materials such as cane, rattan, reed and other natural elements. Rattan is a vine, unlike bamboo which is a stalk. Rattan grows in the Far East in tropical forests. Rattan is solid, rather than hollow like bamboo. Rattan is one of the strongest materials in nature. By retaining its shape, it is very difficult to break or splinter. It is an excellent material to use for making furniture. The skin of the rattan vine, called peel, is used for wicker weaving and sometimes used for wrapping the joints of the furniture piece. Rattan is 100% natural organic material with characteristics that are unique to each plant and slight variations will appear in the poles and strands when they are stained. These variations (highlights and shadows) are what makes each furniture piece unique and a true gift from nature.

Whenever possible, Braxton Culler, uses the finest rattan and wicker. The rattan poles have a high density and bend evenly and gracefully. Yet, by its very character, considered a mark of beauty, the rattan pole can develop cracks. These cracks in no way affect the structure and strength of the frame. Braxton Culler cannot assume responsibility for splits, cracks or checks in the rattan. Some variance in the finish is normal due to the inherent natural characteristics of rattan. This enhances the beauty and uniqueness of this handcrafted product.

Wicker and rattan vary greatly in the way they accept finishing materials. This is a part of the beauty of the product. Each piece has its own character and no two pieces will finish the same. Individual finishes will vary between different styles due to makeup of material, i.e.: wicker vs rattan. Color may vary from shipment to shipment due to the nature of these unique raw materials. It is recommended using mild soap and water for cleaning of wicker and rattan furniture.

Please note: Our "Natural Finish" is a highly desirable sophisticated finish. However, the Natural Finish is by definition - Natural. Items finished in the Natural Finish will show all variations, mineral pockets, and markings inherent in natural wicker and rattan materials. Different materials and sub-strait on the same piece will take the Natural Finish with varying characteristics. Accordingly, when items are selected from a different series, the varying species and points of origin will result in the Natural Finishes blending together, but they should not be considered as "matching".


The Braxton Culler LIMITED PRODUCT WARRANTY applies to products purchased by the original residential purchaser (non-rental) who purchased through an authorized dealer*. Braxton Culler may repair the item, replace the item or offer an allowance for the original consumer to retain the item in "as-is" condition. Such choice of repair, replacement, or allowance is strictly at the sole discretion of Braxton Culler.

Warranty period against product defects:
2 years on Wicker & Rattan indoor frames
1 year on Outdoor Limited Exposure frames
3 years on Outdoor Weatherproof frames
1 year on Case Goods (bedroom, dining, occassional, etc)
3 years on No-Sag Seat Springs
2 years on Wire Permalators (under seat support)
1 year on Fabric**
1 year on Back Cushions
3 years on Alfresco Plus outdoor seat cushions
3 years on Comfort Plus seat cushions
5 years on Comfort Spring seat cushions
3 years on Fiber Plus seat cushions
3 years on Blendown seat cushions
2 years on Sleeper mattress
3 years on Sleeper mechanism

WARRANTY SERVICE – For up to 1 year after the purchase date by the original residential retail purchaser (non-rental), the Manufacturer will either repair, replace or offer allowance (at its option) any product that has a defect in materials or workmanship covered by the above Limited Product Warranty without charge. The original residential retail purchaser is responsible for delivery to and from the retailer, if necessary. If the applicable product warranty period continues for more than one 1 year, then after the initial 1 year, the Manufacturer will provide the replacement parts and materials, but the original residential retail purchaser will be responsible for all service labor and shipping costs associated with the repair or replacement of the parts and materials.

All warranty claims and inspections must be coordinated and approved by the manufacturer prior to any repair work authorization. Please contact the furniture dealer, Rattan Wicker Furniture Company at 800-603-7133, to facilitate a warranty claim. This warranty does not cover any evidence of damage incurred in transit, abuse of any kind, or conditions outside of normal residential use (non-rental).

* Warranty does not cover damage due to freight handling, acts of nature or abuse. Warranty covers residential use only (non-rental). Sunlight will cause materials and fabrics to change color and are not considered defects under this warranty. Woven materials, including but not limited to wicker are comprised of individual strands that can move, causing unfinished areas to show under the strands or the finish to slightly peel where it bridges between strands. These characteristics are not considered defects. Because of the natural materials used in the manufacturing process, and the fact that the product is generally handmade, minor variations will occur from piece to piece. These are not considered defects under this warranty.

** Fabric warranty does not cover fading, peeling or shrinking which is considered normal wear nor does it cover evidence of heavy soiling, abuse or improper cleaning or use of self treatment or retailer applied soil and stain repellant or chemical treatment.