13 Ideas For Using Coastal Bedroom Furniture

coastal bedroom furniture

If you’re looking for a unique interior design for your primary bedroom, you’ll find nothing more calming than a coastal bedroom design.

With a mixture of neutral colors and shades of blue with a touch of red, you’ll be able to create a coastal atmosphere by reflecting natural seaside elements in your home.

Maybe you want a modern coastal style for your bedroom or a rustic coastal design. But whichever you choose, you can ensure that your coastal bedroom will have a beachy feel.

So let’s look at what a coastal bedroom design is.

What Is Coastal Bedroom Design?

Coastal bedroom design is a lovely decor that reflects the natural seaside elements, such as surf, sand, and sky.

You can expect to find plenty of light colors, which help create an open, airy ambiance that produces the feeling of being on the beach.

The color palette usually features white, neutral sandy tones, and many shades of blue with a touch of red and yellow. These colors help to create a calming atmosphere.

For inspiration on decorating your beachy bedroom, consider these interior design suggestions for coastal bedroom furniture.

13 Coastal Bedroom Furniture Ideas

Here are some ideas to give you the inspiration to design the perfect coastal bedroom, whether for your primary bedroom or kids’ room.

1 – Beautifully Designed Headboards

A bed is a central feature in any bedroom, and it has to be comfortable. But you also want it to be attractive. So why not look for a beautifully designed headboard that will be an eye-catcher in your room.

Although there are many modern styles to choose from, a wicker rattan headboard in a blue and brown design is a must for any coastal bedroom.

But if you have shiplap walls, the perfect addition would be a bohemian rattan-style one.

2 – Incorporate Coastal Theme Wall Art

One of the most important features to consider in home improvement is what you place on your walls. And a coastal bedroom needs to incorporate coastal theme wall art.

You can place oars above the bed or decorate the walls with shells.

Or, if you like paintings, you can choose from palm tree wall art, a nautical sailboat painting, or any other coastal ideas, depending on your taste in art. 

3 – Choose Rustic Rugs

Rustic rugs are generally braided or woven from natural materials like wool, jute, or cotton. They tend to have a rough texture, which is perfect for the coastal style’s casual, relaxed atmosphere.

Consider placing a blue and white striped rug next to or in front of a beige wicker bed with a matching bench.

But depending on how you’ve decorated your room, you might prefer a rug patterned with anchors, shells, starfish, or other sea life motifs or symbols.

4 – Look For Driftwood Accent Pieces

Driftwood accent pieces are also attractive when you’re considering the interior design of your bedroom. Depending on the headboard you’ve selected, you could place a driftwood nightstand on either side of your bed. And you could match them to a headboard.

But when combing the beach for driftwood, you’ll notice some remarkable shapes that you can make into wall decor. You could also place some driftwood together with some shells onto a nightstand or chest as decoration.

5 – Add A Coastal Theme Bedspread

Bedding is the next thing to consider if you want to achieve a coastal bedroom design.

You’ll find a vast selection to choose from, but a coastal-style bedspread with palm trees would be an attractive addition to any wicker bed and headboard.

Depending on how you’ve decorated the rest of the room, you could consider a nautical blanket with navy blue and white stripes or a blue and white plaid bedspread.

6 – Find Coral Accent Pieces

A coastal bedroom wouldn’t be complete without a coral accent piece, whatever furniture you have in your room. You could have coral patterned bedding on top of blue striped sheets. 

Or try placing a coral wicker bench at the end of your bed and adding a couple of striped throw pillows. Another lovely addition would be a coral wicker chest of drawers with either 3, 6, or 9 drawers.

7 – Hang Photos Of Waves And Lighthouses

A coastal-style bedroom needs photos of the sea. One lovely way to decorate is by hanging a four-panel wave photo. But even though waves are a natural element, they are not the only suitable way of depicting sea life through photography

You’ll find lighthouses of different styles all around the coast, so why not take photos of them and have them enlarged to hang on your wall.

8 – Consider A White Canopy

Consider how calming a dreamy sheer white canopy hung above a coastal-style bed could be.

This modern design is eye-catching and the ideal centerpiece for any bedroom.

And it’s easy to attach to the ceiling without drilling holes. It’s a perfect addition to your room to give you the feeling that you’re in a cottage near the sea. With a canopy around you, you’ll be sure of sweet dreams.

9 – Use Pale Blue Curtains

To add a little color and character to your room, you could hang pale blue curtains against creamy white walls. These look especially good against white shiplap walls. You may even decide on hanging pale blue patterned curtains with a nautical design.

But whether you choose plain or patterned, pale blue is the perfect color for a coastal bedroom design.

10 – Stay Organized With Wicker Baskets

Adding a couple of wicker baskets strategically in your bedroom will help you stay organized and be an attractive addition to your decor.

Large baskets are practical for storing extra linens. But a wicker laundry hamper ensures that you keep your dirty laundry out of sight.

You can even purchase them in different shades of blue to find the best ones to match your coastal bedroom theme.

11 – Take Advantage Of Vaulted Ceilings

Vaulted ceilings are an attractive place to hang lights or chandeliers. And maybe you’re lucky enough to have a vaulted shiplap ceiling in your room.

Whichever you have, chandeliers are a perfect choice for this decor. And there are so many suitable designs.

A large hanging white chandelier or a white or gray beaded one will add charm to your room. But for a rustic look, try out a rope chandelier.

And if chandeliers are too ornate for you, check out ceiling pendant lights made from shells.

12 – Bring Nautical Accent Pieces

Just imagine the effect of a bed hanging from ropes from your bedroom ceiling. And add to that a round rope mirror on shiplap walls and a rope chandelier. That’s coastal bedroom decor worth creating as it will give you the feeling of being on a boat out at sea.

And to finish it off, you can add a wooden anchor to the wall above the bed.

13 – Experiment With Shades Of Blue

It’s possible to use many colors for modern style interior design. But if you’re planning a beach-themed bedroom, blue is the primary color to choose as it brings the feeling of the sea into your home.

Experiment with different shades that range from pale to navy blue, and then play with varying shades by layering lighter color pillows with navy ones.

Add a faded blue accent wall and balance out the shades with warm brown or beige furnishings to keep the space modern and sophisticated.

Start Decorating Your Coastal Bedroom

We hope we’ve given you enough inspiration on how to tastefully decorate your beach-themed bedroom in a coastal style and that you will have fun while doing so.

Maybe you’re just looking for accent decoration pieces or need some ideas on how to successfully spruce up your room.

But if you’re thinking of purchasing wicker furniture, check out our website and browse through the collection we offer.

When you purchase a wicker bed, nightstand, or a bench from our collection, you’ll notice that our coastal bedroom suggestions will draw attention to them.