Decorating With Wicker Baskets: 13 Simple Ideas To Make A Big Impact

decorating with wicker baskets

Wicker baskets can add a great attraction to any home, whatever home decor you have, as they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and patterns.

And, of course, they are also versatile, so you’ll have the advantage of being able to use them for storing many things that would otherwise clutter up your living area.

Whether placed in the living room, guestroom, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room, you’ll find that they are always practical. 

Let me show you why a woven basket can be such a great addition to your home. 

Why Decorate With Wicker Baskets?

Woven baskets have actually been around since ancient Egyptian times and are still popular today as they are so versatile and easy to use.

Apart from being used to store fruits and vegetables, a few storage baskets placed strategically around the house will add style and cozy touch to your home.

Check out the following ideas to give you tips on how you can change your decor by just adding a few baskets.

13 Wicker Basket Ideas For Your Home

Here are 13 ideas to inspire you to get more use out of wicker baskets. 

1 – Organize Your Bathroom

Wicker baskets are a must for your bathroom if there isn’t a place to store fresh towels. Large baskets are great for storing bath towels, but for hand or guest towels, try rolling them and placing them in a medium-sized basket.

Then by hanging a couple of rods with hooks on the wall, you’ll be able to hang baskets on them to place your family’s toiletries in.

Or you can also use baskets for storing extra rolls of toilet paper. You’ll be able to keep an ample supply in a large wicker basket.

2 – Organize Your Bedroom

You may be lucky enough to have a closet in your bedroom for storing extra linens. But by placing some large wicker baskets on its shelves, you’ll have a practical way of storing sheets and towels without your closet looking untidy.

Then when you place a wicker laundry hamper in the corner of your bedroom, you’ll find that it’s a convenient way of keeping dirty clothes out of sight. And to add texture and warmth, try placing a matching wicker tray on the side table next to your bed.

3 – Don’t Hide Your Storage

Most people think of wicker baskets as being useful for storing blankets or pillows. And also the perfect place for keeping the kids’ toys in place instead of them being scattered across the floor.

But if you have a fireplace, you’ll find nothing better for adding a warmer look to your room than placing a large basket next to it for firewood storage. And you’ll have the advantage of the firewood always being at hand when it’s needed.

4 – Decorate Your Wicker Baskets

To add some decorative accents to your basket, you could paint it in a color to match your furnishings; just be sure to get the bristles into all the nooks and crannies of the weave. Or, as an alternative, you could use spray paint.

If you’re at all artistic, you could add patterns by using stencils and spray paint. Or add some colorful pom-poms around the edge to make the kids’ room look more cheerful.

5 – Take Advantage Of Unused Space

You’ll often find that the empty space above the cabinets in your living room looks bare. Placing a few baskets there is not only a great way to give you extra room for storage but will also add attraction to the space.

And maybe you have excess space that you have no use for in your laundry room. A cute display of baskets will help you fill this, and then you can arrange things, so you have everything to hand in when needed.

6 – Keep Your Entryway Tidy

As the entryway is the first thing that visitors to your home will see, it’s important to keep it well organized. And wicker baskets will help you to do just that.

Console tables are a great place for keeping one or even more wicker trays. By placing your wallet or keys on these trays when you get home, you won’t need to worry about misplacing them.

There’s also normally enough room to place a small basket under the table as a decorative piece where you can keep other things out of sight.

7 – Try Adding Antique And Vintage Wicker Baskets

To add a farmhouse look to your dining area, you could try adding vintage baskets. They’re normally too fragile to use for storage, but they can be an attractive addition when placed on a shelf above your dining table or even above a kitchen breakfast bar.

And if you find a collection of various designs of different size baskets, you’ll be able to arrange them in a group to produce the most amazing wall decoration.

8 – Use Wicker Baskets As Artwork

Apart from being great for storing things out of sight, wicker baskets can also be a great way of adding an interesting style to your home.

You could hang a basket above a sofa in your living room as wall decor or as decoration above the console table in your hallway. Take a flat basket and decorate it with a wreath or with faux flowers, depending on the season. And you can either hang it vertically or horizontally.

9 – Declutter Kitchen Counters

Kitchen counters can be a bit of a nightmare when you have too many things to move in order to clean them. But with a little bit of organization, you can solve this problem easily.

Wicker trays or a shallow basket are ideal for storing spices and oils or anything that you regularly use for cooking.

They’re also great for storing recipe books or any other kind of knick-knacks that clutter up the space. And as they are lightweight, you can easily move them when necessary.

10 – Use Wicker Baskets As Planters

A wicker basket is lighter than a standard planter, so it’s a great thing to plant a tree in if you want to bring the outdoors into your living room. Just be sure to plant the tree in a lightweight pot first.

A thick woven wicker basket not only looks good but is also light enough to move large plants around when necessary. 

Just think how incredible a wicker basket planted with herbs or lavender plants will look as decoration on your table or kitchen island.

11 – Create A Wicker Basket Vase

Nothing is more attractive than a wicker basket filled with faux flowers placed on a coffee table.

Or, if you prefer fresh flowers, you could place a plastic vase of fresh flowers into the basket.

They come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes and are a great way to complement any wicker furniture you already have or are planning to purchase.

12 – Use Wicker Baskets To Store Throw Pillows

If you don’t have a linen closet, large wicker baskets will give you enough space for storing those extra blankets and extra pillows that you don’t need all year round. 

As they come in all shapes and sizes, you’ll also have the advantage of being able to choose ones to match your own decor. So you’ll have a decorative way of storing your throw pillows when you have guests.

13 – Add Some Color To Your Wicker Baskets

If you’re looking to incorporate more color into your room to give it a welcoming touch, you’ll find that wicker baskets come in all colors. 

And, if you already have some ugly old baskets that you don’t want to part with, but they need to be given a new lease of life, you could try spray painting them yourself to match your furnishings. 

Start Decorating Your Home And Patio

We hope our decorating tips with wicker baskets have been of help to you.

But if you’re looking to infuse some new life into your home, you should also consider purchasing wicker furniture decor either for indoors or on your patio. 

A wicker sofa with a matching coffee table where you can place those faux flowers or a wicker dining table set for your patio is something well worth considering.

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