Rattan Bedroom Furniture

Rattan Bedroom Furniture

Attractive rattan bedroom furniture made by high quality manufacturer Braxton Culler of High Point NC.

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Our Wicker Bedroom Furniture Collection

When people think of wicker furniture, they almost always imagine an outdoor dining set or some lounging chairs for a patio or garden. 

But wicker bedroom furniture is making a major comeback with interior designers who want to achieve a light and airy feeling with this unique woven material. 

It’s the perfect style for all types of homes, and we have managed to source America’s best wicker bedroom furniture collections to give you all the inspiration you need for decorating your home in a completely unique way. 

Let me show you what we have in stock and what kind of quality you can expect. 

Our Wicker Bedroom Furniture Collection

To give you the widest range of options for wicker bedroom furniture, we partnered with one of the leading manufacturers. 

Whether you’re redecorating a guest room or your master bedroom with one of the most unique styles, you’ll find great inspiration in our store. 

Wicker Rattan Beds

From single to king-size beds, our manufacturing partner Braxton Culler has managed to create an amazing range of style choices. The beautiful details in the woven design make these solid beds look incredibly light and unintrusive. 

And the matching headboards are available with either a complete woven rattan design or you can choose from upholstered headboards to make it more of a centerpiece. 

Wicker Rattan Nightstands

You will also find different size nightstands that range from single to multi-drawers, so you can achieve the perfect match for your bed without it becoming too bulky. 

These also come with a smooth hardwood top to make them more practical and stable for lamps and other accent pieces. 

Wicker Rattan Dressers

Our dressers are among our more popular items in stock as they combine an amazingly beautiful design with practical storage solutions. They are also available with mirrors and a good choice of dimensions and number of drawers. 

Wicker Rattan Chests

Another option you should consider is one of our wicker trunks and chests. These come with a range of options for the number of drawers, and you can easily transform them into a dresser with more storage by simply adding mirrors on top. 

Wicker Rattan Benches

If you need some practical seating and storage furniture, then wicker benches offer the best space-saving solutions. Not only do such benches provide a convenient dressing area, but you can also lay out clothes for the next day to avoid them getting creased. 

Wicker Rattan Bedroom Sets

One of the best things you can do is look at the different pre-configured rattan bedroom sets. These will give you a great picture of what your bedroom would look like with the perfect style matching items. 

Highest Quality Wicker Rattan Bedroom Furniture

The unfortunate reality is that a lot of wicker bedroom furniture you can buy these days uses low-quality materials and mass production processes. 

The result is bedroom furniture that might look fine for a while, but the low-quality standards will soon let you down. That’s why we have partnered with an American-owned and operated business in North Carolina to bring you the best quality available. 

Here’s why we’ve partnered with Braxton Culler. 

Handmade Manufacturing Processes

Manufacturing wicker furniture with natural rattan requires a certain level of craftsmanship that you can’t recreate with automated machinery. That’s why our top priority has always been to only source our furniture from companies that still rely on skilled craftspeople. 

You will immediately notice the difference in quality and durability in all the items we have for sale. 

Solid Frame Construction

Every piece of bedroom furniture needs to be designed around a solid frame. By sourcing the highest quality rattan, our products have a naturally superior sturdiness. And the decorative wicker weave compliments that frame design both from a visual and structural perspective. 

No matter what furniture sizes you plan to order, you’ll have the reassurance that it won’t sag or break in the years to come. 

High-Quality Upholstery And Cushions

All of our wicker bedroom furniture comes with a wide choice of upholstery. We have made sure that this fabric material is of superior quality to ensure that it doesn't fade or wear down under daily use. 

This also includes high-density foam in cushions for every item in our bedroom seating category. As a result, you won’t have to worry about uncomfortable seats due to low-quality cushions that become hard and uncomfortable. 

Wide Range Of Color Choices

Whether you’re looking for pure white wicker bedroom furniture or have a very specific shade in mind to best suit your interior design ideas, we can offer you the widest choice. 

With dozens of eco-friendly and non-toxic colors to choose from, our manufacturing partners hand apply your chosen finish to achieve the best possible results. 

American-Made Wicker Bedroom Furniture 

If you have ever experienced cheap imported wicker bedroom furniture, then you’ll understand how much of a waste of money they can be. The quality standards don’t come close to American manufacturers, and that’s why we only offer handcrafted products made in America. 

Braxton Culler is our partner in North Carolina, with over 40 years of experience making the highest quality wicker furniture. 

Not only has this company led the way in manufacturing standards, but as a family-owned and operated company, they provide employment for highly skilled people. 

Your choice to shop from our product range won’t just give you the satisfaction of superior quality furniture. You will also have the satisfaction of supporting the American economy, jobs, and families. 

Browse Our Wicker Bedroom Furniture Today 

Start your redesign process today by browsing our wicker bedroom furniture deals. We have full bedroom sets including headboards, dressers, and mirrors, or you can arrange different pieces so that they perfectly match your home. 

All of our products are made to order, and if you need any help with choosing the right ones and the available custom options, then contact our support team today. 

You’ll find our contact details on each product page, and our team is looking forward to hearing from you. 

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