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Casual rattan coffee and side tables will enhance your room.

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Our Wicker Rattan Coffee Tables 

Most people consider wicker rattan only for outdoor usage as it weathers so well. 

But these days it’s also become highly popular for indoor furniture as it’s eco-friendly and will provide any room with a natural crafted look.

Before you start shopping for a new rattan coffee table, you should be aware of the benefits you’ll get from a wicker rattan table.

We have an amazing collection for you to choose from, but let’s first look at what advantages you can expect from them.

Advantages Of Rattan Coffee Tables

A rattan coffee table has four advantages that are essential if you want it to last a long time.

Durable Construction

When looking for something that is durable, many people think of hardwood like oak, maple, or ash. 

Surprisingly, rattan is just as durable as these hardwoods, so if you choose a rattan coffee table, you can be sure that it will last for decades, even with a lot of wear and tear from your family.

And considering how central a rattan coffee table will be in your living room, it’s easy to understand why such durability is so important. 

Amazing Styles

When you check out our website, you’ll see what an amazing selection of styles we can offer you.

Depending on the size of your living space, you can choose from either a popular rectangular shape, or maybe you’d prefer a square or round coffee table.

A rectangular table will give you more surface space, while a square one is often the most practical, and a round one is more inviting if you want to sit around the table with your family.

We can also offer you a choice of end tables to complement whatever you choose.

Eco-Friendly Natural Material

This wonderfully natural material has lots of character and extremely attractive wood grain due to the slight imperfections found in the rattan wood.

Highly skilled craftspeople who work with the rattan are able to weave it into an intricate wicker design. And, unlike hardwoods that take many years to grow after they’ve been cut down, rattan vines can be continually harvested without killing the plant as they replenish after a few years. 

There are not many materials like rattan that combine durability and sustainability. 

Practical Design And Sizes

We can offer you various designs of different sizes and shapes. The first thing you should do is measure how much room you have to place your glass coffee table and which design or popular shape would be more suitable.

Some of the designs are extremely practical as they also offer storage space for magazines or for anything you need to keep handy but don’t want to place on your rattan coffee table.

These are a great addition to a living room where you want to keep clutter to an absolute minimum. 

Choosing The Right Rattan Coffee Tables

There are four things that you should keep in mind if you want to avoid choosing the wrong product when you purchase a rattan coffee table.

Choose The Right Level Of Details

You’ll find yourself faced with so many attractive design options for coffee tables that it’s not easy to decide.

One of the most important points is to check out the wicker weaving pattern. As the highly skilled craftspeople weave different designs by curving and shaping the rattan vines, you’ll have the option of a simple weave, double weave, or triple twist design.

After it’s sealed, rattan can be painted, and we can offer you a range of colors to choose the right one to match your home decor. And as the paint is non-toxic and water-based, it remains an eco-friendly option.

Decide On Additional Storage Space

Whatever shape you choose, you’ll find that many of our products offer additional practical storage space.

Some are even exceptionally functional as you can store extra seating under them. Or maybe you prefer one with a rack at the bottom for storing magazines or even with a couple of drawers where you can quickly hide things away when necessary.

Whatever your needs, we are convinced that you’ll find the right coffee table to suit your needs in our collection.

Pick From Dozens Of Color Choices

We can offer you dozens of color options for our wicker coffee tables to be able to match them to your home decor.

The colors range from subtle hues to bright shades, so whatever color you need to match your room, you’ll have no shortage of choices. 

American-Made Rattan Coffee Tables

Our main supplier of rattan furniture, Braxton Culler, is a family-owned and run business with over 40 years of experience in rattan furniture production. They employ highly qualified craftspeople to work on the top quality materials to produce each rattan coffee table.

Unlike many cheaper brands, their rattan wicker furniture is all made to order, so by choosing your individual personal details, you’ll be creating an amazing unique rattan coffee table that will also last you for decades.

And every purchase you make with us will ensure that you provide great support to the American economy and jobs market.

Browse Our Rattan Coffee Tables Today

Check out the top deals on rattan coffee tables that we have in our online shop, to get full inspiration of how to decorate your home.

We can offer you a broad range of colors and styles to create a square or round coffee table that is unique.

If you need any advice or have questions about our products, a member of our customer care team will be happy to help you. 

You can contact us by phone if you want to speak to someone directly, or you can fill in the contact form that you’ll find on each product page.

We look forward to being of assistance to you.

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