Rattan Console Tables

Rattan Console Tables

Attractive rattan console tables.

Our Wicker Rattan Console Table Collection

Wicker console tables are a great choice for a lot of different rooms. Whether it’s as a convenient and space-saving storage item or you want to make more of a statement in an entryway. 

One issue you often encounter with rattan furniture is that many companies mass produce them at low-quality standards. 

That’s why we have sourced console tables from one of the best American-owned and operated wicker manufacturers, bringing you not just great quality but also a wide range of choices. 

Let me show you why our customers have had such a great experience. 

A Wicker Rattan Console Table For Any Room

While most people consider a console table in their hall or some other convenient location to store small everyday items, our product range can help you choose one for any kind of room. 

Choice Of Sizes

To make sure that you can accommodate a rattan console table in any size room, we offer a range of options in different shapes and sizes. 

From a compact and short one in your hall to large ones with intricate wicker patterns and multiple drawers as a statement piece, you won’t be stuck for inspiration. 

Great Style Options

You also have many style options from the curved shape to extra large with lots of detail in the drawer paneling. That makes it a lot easier for you to match it up with any kind of decor that you have in your home. 

Whether you’re trying to maintain a classic vintage look or need a more elegant and modern understatement, there is plenty to choose from in our product range. 

Convenient Storage

We also have console tables that offer multiple drawers and shelves to make it an ideal storage solution with a small footprint. The narrow design means that it will perfectly fit in areas where you might not want a large dresser to end up looking too bulky. 

You can even make it double-function as an end-table for a sofa in your living room, especially in a small apartment space. 

Highest Quality Wicker Rattan Console Tables 

To ensure that our customers have access to the best quality wicker furniture, we have partnered with America’s leading furniture manufacturer. Here’s why we chose to partner with Braxton Culler. 

Handmade Manufacturing Processes

When it comes to wicker rattan furniture, you simply cannot beat the quality and durability of handmade craftsmanship. While choosing the best quality natural rattan materials is an important starting point, it’s simply not possible to replace the skills of craftspeople with machines. 

That’s why we specifically chose Braxton Culler as our manufacturing partner as the American-owned and operated relies on highly experienced employees to create the most amazing furniture. 

Solid Frame Construction

One of the most important things you need to carefully consider with any piece of furniture is the material used for the structural frame. While rattan is a very solid type of wood, it’s the combination of choosing the best quality material and then designing and constructing a durable frame. 

Too many companies cut corners to reduce costs, and you end up with a console table that will eventually become unstable. 

Wide Range Of Color Choices

While making sure that you have the best quality materials and manufacturing, it’s just as important to find a console table that matches your decor and personal color preferences.

With dozens of colors available, you can create the perfect match for your home and any room you want to decorate. By combining the different styles and color choices, you have a large number of combinations available. 

American-Made Rattan Console Tables 

All of our wicker rattan furniture is made by a family-owned and operated business in North Carolina. Braxton Culler has a proven track record of more than 40 years that involves sourcing the best quality materials and the highest skilled employees. 

The result is a quality standard and durability that you simply can’t match with imported and mass-produced wicker furniture. 

The careful attention applied to every single made-to-order console table is something you can immediately recognize when you receive your delivery. 

And you’ll also have the satisfaction of knowing that you have supported the American economy, jobs, and families. 

Browse Our Wicker Rattan Console Tables Today

The first thing you should do now is to browse through our wicker rattan table collection to get some inspiration for the right design and size to suit your home. 

With the wide choice of products, you’ll quickly find the ideal options, and it will just come down to choosing the finishing touches. 

Once you have narrowed your choice down, simply talk to one of our customer service staff with the contact information you’ll find on each product category page. 

We can advise you on the latest deals and customization options available and look forward to hearing from you. 

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