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Interior designers now consider rattan wicker furniture to be just as trendy for indoor as for outdoor furniture.

But the important thing with wicker dressers is that you have to make sure you get the best possible quality to avoid it breaking down too quickly.

By purchasing high-quality rattan chests for your bedroom or any other indoor space, you'll be adding a trendy, natural rustic look to your home. You'll find some great options in our online store to help you achieve this look, whatever home decor style you have.

Before shopping for wicker dressers, check out the benefits we can offer you when purchasing one of our products.

Benefits Of Rattan Dressers

These are the three main advantages you can expect with our dressers.

1. Great Durability

A superior quality rattan dresser is just as durable as any with an oak, ash, or maple frame and base and will last for decades. And to reinforce it for stability, we only source solid rattan vines that are doubled and tripled.

The sturdy frames stand up to even the busiest homes with large families.

2. Natural Appearance

The rustic appearance of rattan makes each piece of furniture unique because of the slight flaws you'll find in the wood grain of the rattan poles.

And when you consider the intricate woven wicker sections that give the furniture a much more striking look than you’ll find in any hardwood furniture, you'll appreciate what a tremendous addition wicker furniture can be to any room.

3. Environmentally-Friendly Natural Material

Harvesting rattan vines involves choosing carefully selected thicknesses and cutting them to the required size without killing the plant. As rattan is a natural organic material, the vines replenish within a few years so that they can be continually harvested for a long time.

Hardwood furniture requires cutting down an entire tree which takes up to 30 years to replace.

So by purchasing wicker rattan furniture, you'll be positively influencing deforestation.

Choosing The Right Rattan Dressers

When shopping for wicker dressers, there are four points to consider if you don't want to purchase the wrong dresser.

1. Wicker Detail

There are so many woven options available that it's not always easy to make the right decision. When purchasing a rattan dresser from our online store, you'll have the choice of different weave designs.

Highly talented craftspeople curve and shape the rattan poles to create different intricate designs that you’ll find on the dresser drawer. And you can style them to match any home decor, whether a traditional or contemporary style.

2. Size And Dimensions

A dresser is a trendy piece of furniture suitable for any bedroom as they come in every size, style, and color. Its most common feature is that it is usually low and long and has six or more drawers.

It's the perfect addition for a larger bedroom, but it may be too bulky for a small room.

So, check the dimensions against the space available before purchasing one.

3. Number Of Drawers

We can offer you dresser styles with the appropriate number of drawers to suit your needs ranging from 6-drawer, 9-drawer, to 12-drawer.

The six drawers are all equal sizes and are suitable for larger items, whereas the 9-drawer and 12-drawer versions have a mixture of larger and smaller drawers. The smaller ones are only suitable for storing small items.

Before purchasing, consider what you'll be placing in these drawers.

4. Finishing Touches

The finishing touches that you choose for your wicker rattan dresser are one of the most important features for making it into a unique piece of furniture.

You'll be able to create a dresser with personal details by choosing from our color palette of subtle hues to bright shades that will match your bedroom, whether you have a contemporary or traditional style room.

American-Made Rattan Dressers

We have an advantage over other wicker furniture sellers because we only work with American furniture producers.

Our leading supplier is Braxton Culler, based in North Carolina. They are a family-owned and run business with 40 years of experience employing highly-talented craftspeople to hand-produce their wicker furniture.

As they make their furniture to order, we can offer our customers a unique product of superior quality.

The initial investment when purchasing a rattan dresser is worth the price you pay when you consider that it is of superior quality and durability to cheaper imported brands.

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And as with all our rattan furniture, our customer care team members are available to give you all the support you need to create a unique wicker rattan dresser.

You can make contact directly via telephone or fill in a contact form.

You'll find details for both on each product page.

We look forward to hearing from you and being of assistance.

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