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Can You Spray Paint Wicker Furniture?

can you spray paint wicker furniture

Wicker is a beautiful and durable furniture material. These furniture pieces can be found in living rooms and sunrooms, by pools, and in gardens. It is lightweight, and the organic beauty of the construction helps it stand out from any other furniture material. And, unlike most other outdoor furniture options, it is possible to change its appearance beyond altering the type of throw pillows you use. If you have an older piece of the wicker furniture you’d like to breathe new life into you might be searching “can you spray paint wicker furniture” on the Internet. After all, it’s a quick and effective way to instantly change the color of the piece. The short answer to this is yes, you absolutely can spray paint wicker furniture, but to do so you will need to follow very specific instructions.

Cleaning the Furniture

Generally speaking, you will only want to paint older pieces of wicker furniture. But, if you do have a piece of older furniture you’d like to renovate, you will want to start with cleaning the furniture. If it hasn’t been cleaned in some time (such as if it has been in storage) there is likely a good amount of dust stuck between the weaving fibers of the furniture. To get in between the fibers of the wicker, you’ll want to use a stiff bristle brush. Make sure to clean by moving with the grain, otherwise, you’ll increase the chance of damaging and tearing the wicker.

After brushing the furniture, use a sponge with water and mild soap to clean off the wicker. Do not oversaturate the furniture. After scrubbing it down and giving it time to dry you’ll want to repeat the process. The paint will not stick properly if there is dust, cobwebs, and other debris remaining on the furniture, and because there are many grooves within the piece, it is easy to miss some dirt with an initial pass. It might take several rounds of using a bristle brush and washing the furniture down before it is completely dirt and grime free.

Priming the Furniture

You will want to invest in a primer before moving on to the spray paint. This will not only protect the wicker but it will help improve the paint’s ability to stick to the furniture. When applying the spray primer, do so in multiple directions. It can be a little difficult to see if every part of the wicker has been covered, and because there are many grooves and indentations, it is always best to move in multiple directions.

The Spray Paint

Don’t just pick out any kind of spray paint. Not all spray paints are suitable for wicker and may chip off over time. Instead, you will want to look for spray paints that are designed specifically for outdoor patio furniture. Several brands, such as Rust-Oleum, make spray paint specifically for this exact purpose. Just make sure to purchase the paint made for wicker, and not the fabric (some cans will have pictures of wicker furniture with a cushion on it and are sold as “Outdoor Fabric Paint”, but because of the wicker furniture appearing on the label it is easy to mistakenly purchase this instead). So just double-check the labeling and what the paint is specifically for before purchasing.

Once you have the right paint, you will, once again, want to paint the furniture in multiple directions. Remain a good 8 to 10 inches away from the furniture when you paint. Allow the furniture to dry at least an hour before applying another coat.

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