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How To Clean Rattan Furniture

how to clean rattan furniture

Rattan furniture is incredibly durable and, when taken care of, can easily last you several decades, even if left outside in the elements. The material is light, which makes it perfect for sunrooms and patios, as you can easily shift and move the furniture pieces to best fit your needs. However, as is the case with any furniture, rattan may get dirty. This means you’ll need to understand how to clean your rattan furniture in order to maintain the beauty of the material. Thankfully, unlike some other furniture materials that may require professionals to come out and deep clean the upholstery, rattan can easily be cleaned with only a few tools and items you already have around the house. So, if you have been wondering how to clean rattan furniture, here is a step-by-step guide to assist.

Break Out the Vacuum

Because of all the fibers and weaving of rattan, the biggest problem you’ll likely run into is the collection of dirt, dust, and even pet hair. Much of this can be corrected by simply breaking out the vacuum and using the brush attachment. The attachment allows you to brush away dirt while vacuuming it away. It is recommended to do this frequently if the furniture is in a high-traffic area of your house. Staying on top of regular vacuuming will prevent any major buildup of dust and dirt, which may allow you to skip the additional cleaning steps.

Wash It Down

You will want to use mild dish soap and a sponge or soft cloth for cleaning the furniture. Do not use any clothes that easily leave lint behind, otherwise, you’ll spend more of your time removing lint than you will actually clean the furniture. You will want to brush both with the grain and against the grain in order to really get into the grooves of the furniture. Also, make sure to flip the furniture over and clean out the bottom of the furniture as well. If you have any allergies to dust, the lingering dust on the underside of the rattan furniture can cause all kinds of breathing issues, but thankfully, the furniture is lightweight and easy to clean.

If you use the furniture outside, you can even use the garden hose to spray down the furniture and remove the dirt. Just make sure to not use a pressure washer, no need to blast away any material.

You will want to make sure and wash away any of the soap bubbles. You don’t want the soap to seep between the rattan weaving. While it isn’t a serious issue, over time the soap buildup can lead to some issues, so it is better to just make sure you thoroughly rinse off the furniture.

Let It Dry

Once you’re finished, leave the rattan furniture in a well-ventilated area and allow it to dry. If the furniture is already outside, try to move it into direct sunlight.

Invest In Furniture Covers

If you use the rattan furniture outside, it is worth investing in furniture covers. While the material is durable and can stand up to the elements, you will greatly extend the life of the furniture by placing covers over top during the colder, rainy, and winter months. This will also help prevent excessive dirt buildup when the furniture is not in use as well as improve the durability of the cushions. Often the cushions are what need to be replaced first.

When selecting a furniture cover, you will want to look for something that is made out of polyester material and then features a PVC backing. This will prevent moisture from finding its way under the covers. You should also make sure the covers feature water-tapered seams. After all, covers are only as good as the weakest link, and if the zippers and seams are not waterproof, it won’t do you any good, and water from the outside will still find a way to seep into your furniture.

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