What is rattan?

1What is rattan?

Rattan is a palm, it is a palm vine that grows in tropical areas of the world and is very plentiful in Indonesia.

Rattan is shapped like a round pole and can grow to lengths of 600 feet. Rattan is a solid material and is available in various thickness up to 4″ in diameter. Rattan is one of the hardest, naturally grown materials available, harder than most hardwoods, yet much lighter in weight. When steamed, rattan is easily bendable therefore a great product to make unique furniture designs. Rattan, when dried holds it shape and is very sturdy and long lasting. Rattan furniture, due to its natural material and appearance offers a comfortable almost casual appearence.

Sometimes rattan is mistakenly confused with Bamboo, but they are different as Bamboo is hollow and grows as a vertical stalk, not a solid vine such as rattan. Bamboo can easily split and break, plus has distinctive dark colored ridges where the leaves were attached. Bamboo is not typically used for furniture.

2What is wicker?

Wicker is not a physical item, it is a process. Wicker is the general name for weaving materials into a pattern. Typically, the materials used are natural materials, but synthetics are also used especially for outdoor furniture. Typically, the natural material used are strips of the rattan pole outer surface called cane. Also, strips from the inner core or pith of the rattan pole, called reed, is used. Other natural materials used for wicker weaving are willow, bamboo leaves, water hyacinth or seagrass.

3What sould I be aware of when buying rattan furniture?

There is a lot of rattan wicker furniture available. The far majority is inexpensivly made and is therefore offered with an inexpensive price. Most of what is offered is made, finished, upholstered and packaged in China. It is inexpensive because quality is not built into this furniture, therefore with less quality you should expect that this furniture will quickly become less attractive and have issues fairly quickly.

For nice quality made rattan wicker furniture, look for well known, long time furniture brands/manufacturers who are located in the USA. Especially, look for quality options offered that are performed in the USA, such as:

  1. rattan finish colors that are hand applied in America
  2. fabrics upholstered upon your selection within the USA
  3. cushion construction made in America
  4. quality frame construction
  5. additonal options offered
  6. packaged for shipping performed in America

Well made furniture is constructed with additional strength elements such as:

  1. frames with corner blocking
  2. seat decks and legs use doubled rattan poles
  3. legs with additional support cross stretchers
  4. traditional cushion support systems

Unique design and styling elements are also an indicator that the manufacturer looks to add quality instead of removing quality. Offering additional options is also a quality indicator, options such as rattan finish color, seat cushion optioins or custom upholstery.

The furniture on this website is made by 1 of the best quality makers of rattan wicker furniture in America, Braxton Culler. This manufacturer has been producing quality made unique designs of rattan furniture for more than 45 years. Braxton Culler is known in the furniture industry as the most premium quality maker of rattan furniture in the USA.

4Why should I believe your furniture will meet my expectations?

“Just wanted to let you know that my Husband and I received the rattan and rawhide leather lounge chairs this morning and they are beautiful, we are thrilled :). Thank you so much for your wonderful customer service and patience with me in finding the right chairs for my home! Warmly, Tia 6/2015”

We fully understand the reasoning behind your great question. Please see what our customers say about how their expectations were met with their purchase from us by clicking here “Customer Reviews”. We can say that we are experts in rattan wicker furniture and focus only on 1 American rattan wicker furniture specialty company. We selected this manufacturer due to their rich history and top ranking in the furniture industry when it comes to high end, premium quality made rattan wicker furniture. This company makes it the way it should be made, to look beautiful, be very comfortable and to last a lifetime. We are frequently told, upon delivery, that our furniture is better than they ever had expected it to be. Plus people who have purchased Braxton Culler furniture 20+ years ago love it so much they return to buy more. We specialize in this top maker of rattan wicker furniture instead of spreading ourselves thinly across 25+ different furniture makers like most stores do.

5Have you had any complaints against your company?

We have been serving customers since 1999 and for these past 21 years we have had only 1 complaint and we resolved that immediately to the customers satisfaction, and we are very proud of that accomplishment. In 2004 we, Rattan Wicker Furniture Company also known as Leather Furniture USA also known as Healthy Lifestyles Inc, became accredited with the Better Business Bureau, which registers, monitors and reviews customer complaints. With track record we have earned an A+ rating from the BBB, click “here” to see our A+ rating and the BBB 13 point rating system.

6Why buy from Rattan Wicker Furniture Company?

We offer you the following benefits:

  1. We only provide the best in materials, craftsmanship and beauty from furniture makers who have the same beliefs we do.
  2. Everything must be designed, finished, upholstered and packaged in America.
  3. We provide extraordinary customer support.
  4. We offer the lowest prices due to our nationwide coverage, local retail showroom and high volume of sales.
  5. Over the past 20 years we have become experts in rattan wicker furniture and offer that to you in the way of product knowledge.
7Do you have special discounts available?

From time to time we offer additional special discounts on our furniture, typically aligned with a holiday or manufacturer providing a special promotion on a select group of furniture. You can find these items in our Specials section here “SALE Specials”. Current discounted sale prices can be found by contacting us directly.

8Do you have a store near me?

Our designer showroom and warehouse is located in Royal Palm Beach Florida, on the Southeast coast of Florida, see our “contact us” information. Our manufacturers may have other high end furniture retail stores in your area. We recommend calling your local high end retail furniture store to see if they have the furniture you are looking for, or “contact us” and we may be able to help locate a store near you.

9Why call or email for Pricing?

Our furniture comes with many options to discuss which is best for you, such as rattan finish color, fabric, seat cushions, nail trim, throw pillows, etc. Some options require additional costs. Our high end furniture maker requests that we do not show our deep discounts on their furniture therefore contacting us for pricing is requested. We are an authorized stocking dealer, a retail store, as well as an internet furniture store and recognize the benefit of everyone being able to work together for the common good of the consumer.

10What payment methods do you accept and what are your terms?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, DiscoverCard, American Express, Cash and Checks. A 50% deposit is due at time of order, the balance is due upon departure from the manufacturer.

11How do I place an order and how is it processed?
  1. Please call 800-603-7133 to place the order with your selections
  2. You will receive an email with the order details with attached invoice showing the deposit
  3. Upon manufacturer’s completion, you will receive an email confirming that this has taken place, with an attached paid invoice
  4. The delivery service will call you with a scheduled delivery appointment
12What are your delivery lead times?

Delivery lead times include Rattan Wicker Furniture Company processing your order, the manufacturer processing your order, scheduling, production, packaging, and transfer to the delivery service. Then the delviery service will schedule, call for appointment, transport to your location within the contiguous states of the USA* and then provide the residential in-home delivery. Our estimates for this activity are based upon the manufacturer’s production load, and our experience of previous orders. Timing can be affected by product availability, time of year, holidays, and weather amoung other factors. Typically the manufacturer takes about 6 to 7 weeks to get it to the delivery service. Then depending upon your location proximity to High Point, North Carolina, an additional 2 to 3 weeks will be necessary for the residential in-home delivery service to occur. Therefore, a total of approximately 8 to 10 weeks from date of order to delivery in to your home. If finish color and upholstery is not required on your order then the timing will be shortened to approximately 5 weeks to have it at your home. This is an estimate, it could happen a little sooner or a little longer.

* We deliver within the contiguous states of the USA except for MT, WY, ND, SD, MN, IA, NE, WI North of Green Bay, and MI Upper Peninsula which are unavailable for our delivery. Island, mountainous and remote zip codes may have extra fees or be unavailable for delivery.

13Why does it take so long to receive my furniture order?

Nothing is completely pre-made. When your order arrives at the Braxton Culler factory located in High Point, North Carolina, it is then scheduled for production. Then the artisans start building your furniture based upon your selections of rattan finish color, cushion style, fabric, nail trim, wood finish, reclining options, etc. Our handmade furniture takes time and expertise to make a beautiful piece of furniture that you will enjoy for years to come. Here are some of the specialists who will produce your rattan wicker furniture: frame maker, spring installer, padding and cushion maker/installer, fabric cutter, sewer, upholsterer, trimmer, brass nailer, wood carver, rattan finisher, inspector, packager, and shipper. Each of these individual crafts people have signed their name with pride and knowledge that they are personally responsible for pleasing you and continuing the tradition of quality found in American made furniture.

Braxton Culler Furniture of High Point, NC is delivered to you using a professional white glove furniture delivery service that calls for an appointment and provides an in-home delivery. Depending upon your location* this delivery portion can take 2 to 3 additional weeks.

14What if there is a problem upon delivery?

We rarely have shipping problems because we use a professional furniutre only delivery service. We have years of experience with furniture deliveries and we believe we provide the best delivery service possible that prevents problems. Please click here to see our “shipping and receiving” information regarding a problem.

15What is your return policy?

You may return non-customized orders, click here to see the “return policy”. We do provide large and expensive furniture that is handmade custom to your order specifications, therefore our policies protect both the customer, manufacturer and retailer.

16What if I don't want it once I receive it?

We recommend that you take your time and ensure that this is the furniture you desire. We also recommend that you measure your area to ensure the furniture fits appropriately in the room. Also, ensure that it can fit through the room entrance doorway upon delivery. Most of our furniture is handmade custom with your order selections such as the rattan finish color, fabric type or leather color upholstery, standard/deluxe cushions, optional nail trim on some items, therefore, we are unable to provide order changes, cancellations or returns once production is scheduled on these custom orders. Please see our “return policy”.

17How do I care for my rattan wicker furniture?

Our furniture manufacturer recommends following these tips for caring for your rattan furniture.

  1. Vacuum often with a brush attachement. Use nozzel attachement for creases.
  2. Wipe spills with damp, not wet, white cloth.
18What security and privacy do you provide with my information?

We strive to provide the industry best practices with our website security and your information privacy. Every page on our website is secured with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) which is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between our website and your computer.

Please click here to see how we protect your credit card and personal informaiton “secure credit card policy”.

Please click here to see our “privacy policy”. We do not sell, lease or make available your personal information.

19Do you sell to the trade (designers, architects)?
Yes, please “contact us” with your proper documentation and we’ll work with you the best we can.

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